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Vivien Muller

The Octocube of mystery

…ibility and modularity of the elbow. It is designed to be a sculptural heater that fits in with any interior. Designer: Vivien Muller…

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A Fountain Pen For The Modern

…Fountain pens may lend an air of sophistication but damn can they get anymore dated? I mean all I need is a monocle, a bowler hat, a tweed suit and I’m all set. This fountain pen design but Vivien Muller updates the ubiquitous writing tool to where I wouldn’t mind using one. Okay ergonomics may have taken a backseat here but hell, it’ll look sexy just sitting on my desk. Designer: Vivien Muller…

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The Cootie Catcher. I’m For Serious Ya’ll

…Inspired by a popular origami game, designer Vivien Mullter created the cootie catcher (yes you read right) or fortune teller (coin-coin in French, it also means corner-corner). It’s made of 2 basic parts, 4 sections of 8 in aluminum pieces fixed together with nuts and bolts. Designer: Vivien Muller…

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Sewing in the Beats Like I’m Vivienne Westwood

…machine as the basis for the project as I feel it is synonymous with industry, and making physical products. That’s right, there are plenty of other devices that make sound visible. Any more made recently? Also, do you suppose Miss Vivienne Westwood, design queen, would use this device if it were made real? Be sure to check out Yanko Design [Sound], and keep the beats rolling in all shapes, sizes, and manifestations. Designer: Sounds.Butter Studio…

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