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Subinay Malhotra

Companionship On Demand

Designed with the elderly in mind, Google Mate is the first in a series of smart connected devices that aim to enhance the lives of elderly…

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Cool Digs for Dogs and Cats

PETMONSTER is a ludic approach to the pet-house that takes ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics, material &manufacturing process into consideration for a happier, healthier Fluffy & Fido. An…

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Bumper News

Its not enough that the iPhone is packed with so many features and apps, we now need to digitalize the bumper too. The reason why we…

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Multifunctional Moon-like Lighting

Subinay Malhotra’s No.22 lighting series merges natural shapes and materials with modern multifunctional technology to form a collection that’s as organic as it is other-worldly. Crafted…

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A Lamp to Watch Over You

I love my apartment, but there are still two things that drive me up a wall on a daily basis… the hideous smoke alarms and security…

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No!sy Portable Speaker

The ‘No!sy’ portable speakers play music wireless from portable devices. The form enhances sound quality. It comes with the latest in audio technology, connectivity and power…

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