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Jung Eun Park

Some Like it HOT

Piping hot, tepid to lukewarm…there are many ways to drink your coffee, but the best way is your way! And to keep the temperature in…

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Take Picture, Share Picture

Say Cheese! You’re posing for three pictures at one go. It’s no trick photography but a UCIM Camera hosting three USB ports for three memory…

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Egg-cellent Egg-xecution!

Why bring modularity to complicated things like phones and furniture when egg trays need it the most?! The Dot Line egg tray has a unique…

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No Glue, No Problem!

First came the pin. It pierced the paper. Then the glue. It damaged the paper. Then the magnets, they needed a steel surface behind the…

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Mosquitoes on a Mushroom

The biggest problem with camping is the battle with mosquitoes (and other creepy crawlies). No matter how much of the repellent you rub on yourself,…

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Shark In The Sink!

So the kitchen sink is full of suds and dishes and it includes that sharp knife you last cut your hand on. Only if you…

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