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Donn Koh

8 Reasons To Turn To Solar Energy

Humans have been harnessing radiant hear from the sun since times immemorial. A host of ever-changing and evolutionary technologies have helped us stake claim on solar…

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Not Just a Smartphone

The HTC Evo 4g combines performance and pick-me-up aesthetic into one sleek and powerful Android superphone that makes its business-like counterparts look and act like a…

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Bend-and-Snap Mouse!

It’s no wonder this design was a 2011 red dot product design Best of the Best winner. A mere 15 mm thick, and composed primarily of…

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reNEW Your Charge

I love designs that are misleading. Kinds that look like one thing but actually function as something else. Take the case of this reNEW Solar Battery…

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Origami for Superheroes

If wearing bullet proof tights and bending steel with your fingers is no big feat for you, you may be into this pencil sharpener that is…

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