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The iPhone 6 Story

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ have created quite a stir, and for both good and bad reasons. Lets leave the good aside for now…

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The iPhone 6 – Ahhhh!

Here it is, another sweet iPhone 6 concept. Interestingly by pushing the display to the edge, a 4.8″ display has been fashioned. I prefer this…

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Expected iPhone 6

Is designer Heo Leo onto something? Not sure, but his analysis of recent redesigns by Apple has some weight to it. No wonder his iPhone…

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Apple iPhone 6, Really!

The new Apple commercial has drawn a lot of flack for its insensitive portrayal of interaction between people and its products. For a twisted moment,…

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Yet Another iPhone 6

One of the reasons why many people buy a fender for their iPhone is that the back surface tends to scratch pretty easily, especially in…

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