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Guessing Game #18

Probably the last Guessing Game for this year, so get cracking at it! What is this design? A hairband…or…. Today’s hint: The most important value in…

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Guessing Game # 17

The Guessing Game is back! Your hint for today is this: The content inside is a daily requirement however it’s the packaging that you are really…

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Guessing Game # 16

What is this? Plain and simple rules: leave your guess in the comments and win loads of accolades and a shower of praises. Let’s see how…

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Guessing Game # 15

What is this? Hair…maybe, but definitely not on your face! I am in a Christmassy-giving mood already, so this much hint will suffice. YD regulars, you…

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Guessing Game #14

If I use this on you…where are you and what am I doing to you? Any guesses? Yes, the Guessing Game is back with a vengeance…Be…

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Guessing Game #13

Lucky for some, Guessing Game #13 is here with the inevitable question….what is this? It is an Industrial Design Project, it is something to do with…

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