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A Baby Bottle Breakthrough

Qi (pronounced “chi”) is a unique, elegant self-heating disposable baby bottle designed to provide a thoughtful & practical way to feed your baby on the go…

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Ultraviolet Baby Bottle

Dubbed “Pureray” by its creators in reference to its completely amazing ultraviolet rays lamp at the base and amplification pipe up the center. Each bottle is…

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Hot Baby Bottle!

My recent 32-hour train journey across the length of India brought back memories of the times when I last traveled with my son on such a…

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An aquarium for your dishes

With its beautiful 3D printer aesthetic and perfect countertop-worthy size, the Tetra is a $299 dishwasher that’s a pretty little aquarium for your dishes. It sits…

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Baby’s First Everything

A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab competition, Plato is a far-out concept that helps parents in almost every step of newborn childcare. Inspired by…

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