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"Zhou Buyi"

Number 1 for Number 2

Your butt’s gonna love this jet black loo with a built-in bidet! Sharp looks, top-tier technology, and a powerful flush. What more could you ask for…

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Industrially Incredible Coffee

Here’s a design aesthetic I haven’t seen in a while! This coffee roasting machine has a wonderful Cubist style comprising elements that are integrated physically, but…

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Fancy Future Faucet!

This design is all about being simple and clean in design. In fact it’s so simple and clean, it doesn’t even have a name! Titled ‘Faucet’,…

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Speed Limit Capped

The Speed Guard is a speedometer alert that uses a colored display to let the driver know that he is speeding above the permitted speed limit….

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Colored Tiers Are Safer

The Discolor Tyre is a concept where the age and durability of the car tire is indicated and communicated through its color. Basically a tire is…

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