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Toilet Paper With a Twist

Even if you have a toilet paper roll holder installed in your bathroom, chances are that every now and then you simply stand up your roll…

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Voice Memo With Benefits

Vmo is quite a clever way of combining Voice Memos with QR Codes and Smartphones. Basically its a way to mark and capture data, be it…

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Sporty Spacecraft

Did you see that hypersonic aircraft that deteriorated mid-air this week? This concept by Sheng-Hung Lee uses similar arrowhead shape but actually looks a lot more…

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The Fire Mix!

The Fire Formula is a cool fire extinguisher where the chemicals can be mixed together on location in a jiffy. Apparently you can choose the amount…

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It’s a Guy Thing, Shhhh!

Condom Cap is a simple packaging design that will always make you roll the darn thing ‘the right way.’ Blame it on bad lighting, the nerves…

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First Aid First

Very few designers have ventured forth to re-deign the First Aid Kit. Even the mandatory school projects that my children did was a square, white box…

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