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Sensory Recall Made Easy

It’s no secret that our sense of smell is the one that’s most connected to recalling memories no matter how distant. Designed with this in mind,…

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No more low battery blues!

The world’s first and only “blind positioning” wireless charger, the QITAH’s minimal design marries with the latest Qi technology to give you freedom from the low…

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Guessing Game #18

Probably the last Guessing Game for this year, so get cracking at it! What is this design? A hairband…or…. Today’s hint: The most important value in…

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In the Mood for Neon

Adding a third dimension to bendable neon tubes can have spectacular results. I’m talking about the Neon Tetra, a mood lamp that breaks the 100 year…

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Beauty in Destruction

This striking design has one very unusual inspiration- destruction! Designer Paul Sandip found beauty in cracked glass and translated it into this unique and imaginative piece,…

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