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I’m always on the look out for new design talent and many of them are coming from groups, like Monocomplex from South Korea. These four…

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Illuminated Wired Mess

Chaos theory rules as I try and come to grips with the traditional connotations of the After Image Floor Lamp. Modelled on the mesmerizing ember…

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A Tack for a Beach Chair

The Tack bench and chair series by Monocomplex is a new approach to convenient beachfront seating. The sharp pointed bottom half makes it easy to…

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Handrails That Speak

With their guide stick in one hand and a firm grip on the handrail, the visually challenged rely on instincts while negotiating a flight of…

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Free Form Ruler

The Free Form Ruler enables you to measure the length by “drawing” an invisible line, straight or curved. The unit of measurement is displayed and…

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Bronze Kinetic Robots

Let me tell you about the “kidult” factor – a play off  the words kid and adult. It’s a philosophy that encourages play in interactions…

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