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Cube Phonics

Like its name suggests, the Xcube speaker applies cubist geometry to provide 360 degrees of hi-def audio enjoyment. Its unique yet simple form offers multidirectional surround…

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iSpot Light

The multifunctional iSpot is both a table lamp and a nifty place to charge your iPhone! On one side of the top you can prop your…

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Inverted Illumination

Unlike most desk lamp designs with shades that open in the direction of the light, the Flower Barb features a combination of sleek plates that extend…

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Lighting Lab

I love the obvious inspiration behind this one-of-a-kind lamp design by Michael Samoriz. The Microscope LED Lamp aims to inspire designers, artists and other creatives to…

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One Sharp Lamp

The Delta lamp’s slim, sleek appearance and straightforward functionality make it a great desktop lighting solution for the minimal office. The modern aesthetic is complimented by…

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