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The Future of Smart Technology?

Smart technology is slowly taking control of homes and its presence is on the increase, all thanks to its high level of functionality and convenience. However,…

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Handy, eye-candy, phone-standy

It’s pretty simple, elegant, and I believe smartphone manufacturing companies can truly add value to their customers’ lives by including one of them in every smartphone…

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Out-of-this-World Photography

Designed for use in zero gravity situations, Leica Space aims to produce out-of-this-world photography! This modern action cam is equipped with a three-axis motorized gimbal system…

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The Bend is Back

Only, it’s the other way! First it was bubbles, then flat, & now curved screens like the Secret Illusion V.2. Aesthetically, this particular design is architecturally-inspired…

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The Bag of Life

The Life Bag is an innovative concept that aims at providing an optimum treatment kit for disaster areas. The medical services included in the kit combined…

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