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Cycle Tours Are Good!

Bike Guide Concept is an amazing combination of electric bus transportation and cycling, that helps tourist to take in the sights and sounds of Seoul….

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Poop Picker Leash

A clever twist in the leash design and here we have the Doggy Poop Collector! The poop scoop is integrated into the handle of the…

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Community Water Bottles

The WaterStation is a refreshing new take on water filters that we find at food courts and supermarkets. Generally the dispensing machine allows you take…

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Braille by Hand

I’m sure you recollect seeing Braille staplers and dispensers here on YD. What we have today is the Braille Tape; I think it’s the simplest…

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Rhythm in a Cup

There was an era in Indian television (somewhere in the 80’s) that for fillers between two programs they used to play the Jal Tarang. Fascinating…

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Hot Pebbles for Cold Fish

Use the ancient power of water-smoothed rocks with the stone-grill concept “Pebbles.” It will make your healthy fish-devouring ways a cinch! Just unroll the Pebbles…

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