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Handy, eye-candy, phone-standy

It’s pretty simple, elegant, and I believe smartphone manufacturing companies can truly add value to their customers’ lives by including one of them in every…

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Out-of-this-World Photography

Designed for use in zero gravity situations, Leica Space aims to produce out-of-this-world photography! This modern action cam is equipped with a three-axis motorized gimbal…

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Memory Cabinet

If you are as clumsy as me, then your USB Sticks, SD Cards and Memory drives are all placed in an organized pile of chaos…

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Glam Gadgets for Glamping

For those into Glamiping, this new concept called TOWER Portable Theater is just what you need. Designed as a module that fits in a mini…

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Sodium Tracking Made Easy

For dieters watching their salt intake, the Mr.Sam smart accessory is all you need to make cutting back easy. A built in ion sensor tests…

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Broken Wings – Part 2

An extension to the earlier Comfort Cast, the Air Cast is directed towards those who are avid MTB bikers and like to challenge the mountains….

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