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A Rant on Wireless Vacuums

Did I miss the memo stating that all cordless vacuum cleaners must now look as though they’ve just stepped off a gay pride parade float?!…

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The Awesome Asome

Your wired headphones are like a leash. You can only move away from your music source as far as the wire takes you. If you’re…

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Discus Pen

The Discus pen takes inspiration from the ancient track and field sport of the same name, applying the distinctive form of the lenticular disc to…

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I just finished reading up a rant by a fellow tech online-writer about how we should not be covering our Smartphones with cases. He probably…

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Pebble This, Pebble That

What you’re about to experience right now is a little piece of electronic device called the “Pebble.” It is a simple new take on the…

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Unexpected Drawer Funk

This ain’t about no beats. It’s got a bright nature about it though, colors and fabulous icons to make you say “ahh.” And what’s more…

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