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Divide and Drool

Even the people who did pathetically at maths in school will create a ruckus if they get a slightly smaller size of a cake, pie, or…

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The Upcycling Project

By simply adding an aesthetic cap to it, designer Ryan Choi hopes to extend the useful life of a plastic bottle. Many bottles get dumped and…

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Clever Kitchen Tray

The Smart Tray offers a lifestyle solution to those who live in cramped apartments and could do with fewer dishes in the kitchen. Aimed at the…

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Monitor Your Vision

Imagine being able to stare at your computer screen all day long without your glasses or contact lenses. A farfetched though for myopic folks like me,…

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Solar Jelly!

The Jellyfish Light is a one-of-a-kind lighting design makes clever use of materials and utilizes suction and solar technologies to provide lighting just about anywhere. Inspired…

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Chef-approved Cooking

Although they may have the accurate recipe in hand, professional chefs know that the perfect stew or soup is always seasoned using approximations. It’s got to…

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