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Sexy In Leather

From all the choices of materials available to craft a phone from, leather would be my least expected choice! Aluminum, steel, plastic, rubber, silicone, glass…

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Put A Spin On It

Spinner is a compact phone that measures only 4.7inches and is 7mm thin. Constructed out of aluminum and plastics, the main focus of the design…

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Nexus All The Way

Here is a delightful ideation of of Google Glasses combined with concept Google Nexus TV. The bundle is perceived with a full-screen remote control and…

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Surface Inspired Phone

How I love the creative genius of Phone Designer aka Jonas Dähnert! Inspired by the original 2012 Surface, this concept phone has all the elements…

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Another Nokia Phablet

It’s raining Nokia concepts these day, and it only makes me happy! The good thing about this Nokia Lumia 1025 Phablet is that it is…

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Nokia Lumia 999

Apple Concepts are getting to repetitive these days so its great to see some Nokia indulgence. What we have here is the Nokia Lumia 999…

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