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"Jang Woo-seok"

Lay One on Obama!

You know you’ve thought about laying one on the Prez! All that power, his swagger, those moves… who could resist?! From the creator of the kissable…

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That’s one steamy kiss!

Tall. Dark. Bittersweet. I could just as well be describing your ideal mate, but I’m not! The Take Kiss Out is a hot beverage takeaway packaging…

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The Barely-There Brush Mouse

The innovative Brush Mouse is a clever twist on the classic smooth-top peripheral device. Unlike the continuous surface of the regular mouse, the pegged design keeps…

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Double Flush for Green Power

Eco Toilet gives you the option of using recycled washbasin water and regular fresh water for flushing. The water tank is divided into two segments and…

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Moto Chair

Just when you had gotten used to straddling the motorcycle seat- now you’ve gotta switch to sitting in a big comfy chair!? What a pain in…

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Use Your Water Twice

It goes in the sink, then it goes in the toilet. What’s that? It’s your water bill! You’ve got to conserve in any way you can….

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