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Backup Powered iPhone Frame

Love the Juice up concept by Francois Rybarczyk, a simple yet functional design that rescues you from situations where your Smartphone battery is dying on you…

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Constantly Upgraded Smartphone

The tech industry is on an innovation overdrive, what’s fresh today gets obsolete within days. The loss belongs to the end consumer actually; we all felt…

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Direct Power

The Autonome is a mobile phone concept with a unique charging feature. The regular way to do this will be to directly plug-in the phone to…

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XRays To-Go

Inspired by the designer’s own personal experience of waiting too long during a stay at the emergency room, the Radio portable x-ray was imagined as a…

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A Lamp for Sleeping Lovers

Avoiding having a grumpy lover is the inspiration behind designer Francois Rybarczyk’s Cinna lamp! The lamp was designed to be used when you’re reading in bed while…

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