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Best of Yanko Design 2011

Steve Jobs hired designer Hartmut Esslinger as the modern-day Snow White for his projects code-named after the seven dwarfs. The vision was to infuse Apple…

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From Dust to No-Dust

Chalkeeper is a very innovative way to contain chalk dust (which causes allergic reaction in many children) and reuse it. It is basically a duster…

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Why Two?

Do we really need the tablet and the smartphone to be two different entities? If you ask these trio designers their answer is no! The…

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Trash Eater!

The Cuum is when a vacuum cleaner and the dustbin made love. It’s a good combination of the two, where the top functions like a…

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The Power of Touch

Touch technology is more or less the best way to use a device, simply because it’s the most natural and intuitive human behavior. Banking on…

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By the Heat of the Desert

Hot Liner is a flexible panel that is rigid enough to form a stovetop. It’s intended for the deserts of Africa where sunlight is aplenty….

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