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Robo-arms are getting a makeover!

Component deformation… force transmission… nanotechnology… these are just a few fancy terms for describing this far-out twist on the robotic arm. Until now, gripper arms have…

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Power on a Roll

Rolling Snake G1 combines the protective properties of cable bridges with the flexibility of classic extension cables on a cable reel. This all-in-one extension cable and…

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Cushion Love for the iPad

With the iPad getting sleeker and sexier, new concept accessories welcoming it have started to emerge. Take for example, the Padpoint, a lovable cushion kinda contraption…

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Pack In A Punch

The Puncho is an innovative boxing glove that integrates sensors. These help make the gloves ‘intelligent’ and measure details like the force of the punch, the…

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Power Of The Sunflower

Trust Emami Design to come out with concepts that refine present iterations and take them to the next level by adding that extra layer of innovation….

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