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"Choi Seungho"

Hair Trap

The one thing that disgusts me to the core is an unclean bathroom with drains full of hair! It’s simply yucky and cleaning such drains…

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Flexible CC

The Curve Card is a curved credit card that looks and feels comfortable in your wallet. Because of its flexibility it doesn’t crack or chip…

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The One Travel Kit

Traveling with small, unmarked toiletries dispenser is quite cumbersome and for folks like me, a nightmare. To consolidate all of them into one product is…

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The Luggage Trap

This luggage tray concept surely tops the ones I have seen long distance buses use. The entire tray pulls out and allows you to load…

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The Coffee Sleeve

The stats are very clear, used coffee grounds are literally dumped by cafés and little thought given to their recycling. Incidentally the grounds are good…

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Ever Gassed a Wheel?

Ever thought how tiresome it is to roll a gas cylinder? Be it the basic LPG or an oxygen tank, a fully loaded cylinder is…

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