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New Park Stuff for Praha

A city as stunning as Prague deserves park furniture equally as beautiful. The latest from Art Lebedev studio aims to provide just that to the…

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Perfect Public Planters

The latest addition to Art Lebedev Studio’s series of alternative flower pots, the Florus 3 is specifically designed to accentuate public parks and sidewalks. Composed…

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Modest Mobility

Exoatlet may not be the first skeletal support system, but what sets it apart is thoughtful aesthetic paired with a motorized frame that goes the…

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One Chic Hydration Station

The latest in Art Lebedev Studio’s line of lux hydration stations, the Fontanus-1 is one part art and one part water fountain! The sculptural solution…

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Thirst Quenching Sculptures

Nothing will kill the natural vibe of an outdoor park space quite like an eyesore of drinking fountain. Fontanus is a sculptural solution that won’t,…

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Recharge While You Wait

When you’re on the move, the solar-powered Mito is a multifunctional street object designed to give you a place to park and charge! Designed as an attractive…

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