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Multifaceted Watch

This chrono watch by Alp Germaner is all about layers. Looking deep into the face, one notices that the gears, dial, hands, outer bezel, and date…

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Heavy Duty Time

LIV is a ultra-durable, waterproof timepiece with all the bells and whistles. Features include a tough titanium casing, analog and digital displays, chronometer, and tactile controls….

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G Shocked For Good

The G Shock concept watch is designer Alp Germaner’s personal take on his favorite watch. I like the fact he has given it his personal style…

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Robots, Drones, & Nukes… Oh My!

Before things get politcal- these are not real-life proposals for modern weapons! They’re the latest artistic concepts from Alp Germaner that might make their way into…

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Light, Deadly and Silent

I have a slight moral issue with publishing a post about  a weapon but this smg concept called the Peace Maker is quite beautiful. The designer…

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The Great Escape Pod

Escape pods are nothing new to our collective consciousness. Hollywood writers have used this concept to save presidents from crashing planes to landing R2-D2 and C-3PO…

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