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Mouse Feel for Pressing

One look at the Iron concept by Adam Wendel and it gives me the Apple Magic Mouse vibe. The smooth FOLED interface and ergonomic grip…

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Ceramic Crisping

The Toast is a conceptual toaster design that uses ceramic cooking plates as the browning elements. This not only makes the bread crispy, but also…

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Mod Light

This contemporary and functional modular lighting concept allows users to create the perfect arrangement depending on size or intention. Suspended from the ceiling or adapted…

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Sense Under Water

Immersed Senses is the ultimate gadget must have for any underwater explorer. The helmet changes the way a diver sees, hears, and breathes in what…

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Lovely Globey Ironing

I know when you think Futuristic, you think Ironing. I know that when you drew (or draw) pictures of the future with crayons, you made…

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