LEGO replica of Pre-War Bentley Blower celebrates the Le Mans racecar’s vintage iconic design

In the roaring twenties, a spirit of racing innovation coursed through Bentley. Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin, a charismatic Bentley driver, craved more power. Against company founder W.O. Bentley’s wishes, Birkin commissioned a supercharger for the revered 4½ Litre model. This modification, with its prominent belt-driven blower, became the hallmark of the “Blower Bentleys.” Though never achieving Le Mans glory, these machines, particularly the four “Team Blowers,” were renowned for their speed and Birkin’s daring races. Their imposing presence and signature whine cemented their place in automotive history, making the Bentley Blower an icon of pre-war racing elegance and raw power… and now a LEGO set is commemorating their 100th anniversary and their iconic design. Created by LEGO builder ‘N.ik.Le.go.’, the LEGO Ideas Bentley Blower captures the old-world glory of its predecessor, in a scaled-down format that still feels just as beautiful.

Designer: N.ik.Le.go.

Built to a 1:13th scale, this LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) uses 707 bricks, making it fairly uncomplicated compared to most other builds. The design cleverly combines classic LEGO® bricks with elements from the Technic range, allowing for a realistic recreation of the car’s shape and features.

Under the hood (which opens, of course!), you’ll find a detailed, non-functional representation of the car’s powerful engine. The exterior is equally impressive, with a dark green color scheme reminiscent of the original Bentleys and printed parts that add finesse. Look closely, and you’ll spot the British flag adorning the doors, a subtle nod to the car’s heritage.

A fan-made build, the Bentley Blower is a submission on the LEGO Ideas forum – an online dashboard where enthusiasts can build and share their own LEGO designs. The forum sees hundreds of submissions every day, with the community even voting for their favorites. The LEGO Ideas Bentley Blower currently holds a little over 800 votes, and needs to reach the 10,000 vote mark to be considered by LEGO’s internal team for retail production. If you want to see the Bentley Blower turn into a real box-set, head down to the LEGO Ideas website and cast your vote now