SANDMARC’s $335 Probe Lens takes ‘Shot on iPhone’ to a completely new level

The probe lens, which became the talk of the photography town in 2018, is now going to become a staple of smartphone photography too. After seeing Shiftcam debut their probe lens for the smartphone (although it hasn’t officially been launched yet), SANDMARC has joined the ranks with its own probe lens for the iPhone. Priced at $349.99 along with the mounting case for your phone, SANDMARC’s Probe Lens promises to deliver a new perspective that gives you a tiny critter’s POV, making the world around you seem much larger than life!

Designer: SANDMARC

The lens measures an impressive 12 inches long, and comes with that signature probe-shaped design that lets you poke your camera into tiny spaces and capture things from a small PoV. Essentially, it builds itself on the aesthetic set by Laowa and Shiftcam after, and sports a wide DoF, a focus wheel, and LEDs on the front to let the lens gather as much light as possible (tiny lenses do require higher light capture because of their small design).

More importantly, this release from SANDMARC promises to change iPhones and smartphone photography as we know it. Humans are used to the human perspective, which is why we’re so enamored by drone footage. The Probe Lens brings yet another perspective to how we capture the world, and it’s going to be absolutely phenomenal to see what creators do with it.

At its $335 price tag (for just the lens), this isn’t something everyone can or even should buy. The Probe Lens is designed mainly for creatives, filmmakers, and nature documentary folks. The lens has a focal length of 16mm, a magnification of 2.1x, and the ability to focus on objects with stunning bokeh and also a wide FoV. You truly feel like you’ve been shrunk 100x and you’re now exploring the world in a new, tinier body. SANDMARC hasn’t specified whether this probe lens is waterproof (Shiftcam’s upcoming lens is), which means you may not be able to prod your lens into a glass of water, or a pond to observe wildlife inside. There is, however, a set of shadowless lights on the rim, for low-light photography, and a USB-C port that lets you charge your Probe Lens. The lens ships with a pouch, front and back lens caps, a charging cable, and even a mounting case for your iPhone (compatible with iPhone 14 and above).