Top 5 Incredible AI-Generated Automotive Masterpieces You Need To See

About a year ago AI tech became mainstream, and since then its popularity has been growing amongst designers and creators. Tools like Midjourney are capable of astounding realism, capturing even the tiniest of details and creating designs that seem truly lifelike. AI doesn’t botch up and ruin designs or elements of the real world or even the human body. It’s reached a point where automotive enthusiasts, or people with even the slightest interest in cars are using it to create powerful and incredibly realistic automotive images which seem more like conceptual renders by experienced automotive designers. And, we’ve curated a few of our favorite AI-generated automotive designs for you – dive in!

1. Apple Car

Designed by Dall-E 2, this Apple Car was based on a text prompt from designer, educator, and YouTuber John Mauriello. This incredible car is pretty fascinating and designed to be a ‘minimalist Sportscar inspired by a Macbook and a Magic Mouse, built out of aluminum and glass’. The car is really quite stunning to look at, and it has a sleek and curvilinear quality to it! It is equipped with a machined aluminum body and zero breaks in the surface. Unlike most Apple Car concepts which are either too boring or simply too insane – this design is really quite perfect. It is sleek, luxurious, and aerodynamic – all the makings for an exceptional sportscar.

2. Bugatti Supercar

Cole Kessel explored Bugatti’s aesthetic and design language using Midjourney and Photoshop’s AI Tools. The end result showed us how spectacularly AI can handle design cues, while perfectly reinforcing Bugatti’s own design language. The experiment displays how all of the company’s cars have the same visual DNA. The cars look like they were designed by the French marque’s automotive design division, although it seems like the images were edited to put the actual Bugatti logos since AI does have the tendency to mess up logos.

3. Zaha Hadid-Inspired Car

Moss and Fog used the AI generator tool ‘Midjourney’ to bring together two very contrasting and different industries – automotive and architecture. They designed never-before-seen cars in the style of famous architects of the 20th century. And this magnificent car embodies the design language of renowned architect Zaha Hadid. The car displays the signature style of Hadid and includes a series of modular steel panels reimagined in the form of abstracted layers in a very precise and immaculate manner.

4. Canoo-Inspired Vehicles

Canoo is a renowned American automotive company that engineers electrical vehicles and is helping the automobile industry transition to the world of clean and sustainable energy. reimagines a whole series of Canoo-inspired automobiles which seem perfect for the outdoor off-terrain life! The two-wheelers have an almost menacing all-black aesthetic to them, featuring thickly treaded wheels and a bulky body with angular edges. I could totally imagine these as tangible vehicle designs that could take on all kinds of challenging terrains!

5. Snowmobiles

Designed by, these revved-up and powerful snowmobiles have been generated with AI – adding a thrilling and exciting twist to classic designs. The dominating and huge wheels look ready to tackle challenging snowy terrains and harsh weather conditions. The conventional old snowmobiles get the ultimate makeover, featuring heightened functionality, coolness, and persona.