Top 10 Essential Apple Watch Accessories Every Smartwatch Owner Should Have

Do you own an Apple Watch? Cause I do, and it is honestly one of the handiest devices I own. Today, the Apple Watch is considered one of the most popular smartwatches globally, and it’s not a surprising fact when you consider the number of people you see walking or jogging on the street with their Apple Watch smartly strapped around their wrists. And, if you’re someone who absolutely cannot do without their Apple Watch, then this collection of innovative and nifty accessories is for you. From an iPod-shaped cover to bands made from plant-based leather – these super cool accessories are a must-have for Apple Watch lovers.

1. RSTR Case

Called the RSTR Case, this beautiful transparent crystalline case for your Apple Watch is designed to be shown off. Created by Golden Concept, the case converts your Apple Watch into a lovely shimmering jewel that you can wear on your wrist. It is available in four pretty colors and is made using 50 meticulously engineered parts. Crafted from stainless steel, the home and action buttons are bigger than usual and more accessible.

2. tinyPod

Dubbed the tinyPod, this little design wraps up your Apple Watch in a case, and it looks exactly like the iPod! the tinyPod is a perfect replica of an iPod, except that it also has a colored screen. You can control the Apple Watch via an authentic click wheel, however we’re unsure how it manages to do this. But, this is quite an important little detail, as Apple Watch’s digital crown cannot be accessed in this new and innovative form.

3. ErgonBand

This ergonomic Apple Watch accessory may look a little ridiculous and funny, but it is quite functional. The band is designed to be more of a strap, and it resembles those thumb or hand braces used by athletes for protection. The Apple Watch is strapped into place utilizing clips that feature standard lugs, and placed below the joint of your thumb. The location was chosen as this allows the screen to be visible without the need to twist your wrist.

4. Pod Case

Designed by Joyce Kang and C.O Design Lab, this is the Pod Case that gives your Apple Watch a nostalgic touch. It introduces the watch to its ancestor which kickstarted the apple craze. The watch’s screen almost matches the screen size of the classic iPod Nanos, while its body is just a little thicker. The Pod Case is built from silicone, and it smoothly slides over the Apple Watch’s body, providing it with a refreshing yet nostalgic throwback.

5. Y24 Apple Watch Cases

This collection of luxurious and aesthetic Apple watch cases is actually quite price-friendly. They draw inspiration from the lifestyle of Tokyo and are designed by Y24. Each watch design captures the cool and charming vibes of Tokyo and converts that fascinating culture into interesting accessories. The cases have been designed to elevate and upgrade the young generation’s style, providing them with a unique and one-of-a-kind identity, without altering Apple’s originality or personality.

6. NightWatch

Named the NightWatch, this Apple Watch dock features a massive curved glass element on the front, which interestingly magnifies the screen. You can place your watch behind the massive lens, and it seems to enlarge the watch screen, increasing the visibility. It can transform your charging smartwatch into an innovative bedside click. It can even enhance your watch’s audio, which makes your alarm more audible.

7. Wristcam

Dubbed the Wristcam, this little device gives your Apple Watch the ability to click pictures all by itself! It features a front-mounted 8MP camera which can shoot images in 4K resolution, while also recording videos in Full HD. It has a selfie camera which can be used for video calling, or for live streaming. It is amped with 8GB of storage, as well as a long-lasting battery that can support a day’s worth of shooting and fun. It is water-resistant up to 1 meter as well.

8.(Re)Classic Band

Designed by Native Union, the (Re)Classic Band for Apple Watch is a cruelty-free Italian leather-inspired band. The unique band is built from repurposed mycelium, which is basically fungal threads that cover long distances underground. Mushrooms grow and bloom from these fungal threads. It forms a plant-based leather which is also one of the many all-natural resources used in the synthesis of Yatay by Coronet.

9. hardgraft Collector’s Watch Case

This artisanal leather product is called the hardgraft Collectors Watch case. It is designed to store your smartwatch in style and elegance. It has a soft Alcantara lining on the inside and is pretty padded. The exterior is made of vegetable-tanned Italian leather and a scratch-free zipper. It has a round compact form, which makes it portable and pretty easy to carry around. You can pick from three elegant color options – Classic, Coal, and Off Grey.

10. 2-in-1 Apple Devices Charging Stand

Designed by Taesung Yoon, and inspired by the daily sunrise, this is the 2-in-1 Apple Devices Charging Stand. The design does exactly what its name implies. It is created using feedback from data-driven research, and what people truly want from their unified Apple charging stand. It is the perfect integration of form and functionality and features a vertical stance with a slightly arched top which holds your iPhone comfortably without letting it topple over.