Top 10 Electric Motorbikes That Accelerate Your Eco-Friendly Adventure

Electric motorbikes get the heart of almost every automotive lover thumping – because they’re menacing and yet sustainable beasts. They’re powerful, super-fast, and not to mention environment-friendly as well. The last point is a huge bonus in today’s world, as living a more sustainable and conscious life has become imperative. Curbing fuel consumption, and reducing automotive emissions has become critical, and e-motorbikes are an environment-friendly option, encouraging these practices. So, we’ve curated a collection of jaw-dropping e-motorbikes that not only take good care of Mother Earth but also satisfy your need for speed with their menacing designs!

1. Baxley Moto

Called the Baxley Moto, this ultra-futuristic electric motorbike by Shane Baxley has a street-legal aesthetic amped by spokeless wheels. It features a hunched-forward riding position, a suspended tail section, treaded wires, and protruding slides, creating a menacing ride for the daredevils who love adventures on the dirt trails. The automotive has a certain balance to it, it doesn’t have a very edgy or contoured look. It features a measured vibe, while also radiating strength.

2. Unitrack Electric All-Terrain Vehicle

Dubbed the Unitrack electric all-terrain vehicle, this menacing ride by Oruga SIA is essentially a three-wheeled motorbike accentuated by three ballooned wheels which are made using the company’s proprietary patent-pending monotrack tech. The design is created to handle “diverse challenging terrains, from hot sand and muddy forests to rocky climbs and snowy landscapes.” The motorbike isn’t still out on the roads, but it is prepping for a release in mid-2025.

3. Arsenale’s Ultrabike

The Aresanale reincarnated their 2×2 Ultrabike in a new and refreshing manner since the previous one failed to be a success. It is designed to be a cross-country off-road adventure bike. It featured balloon tires, and it maintains its electric powertrain DNA using a low-power hybrid gas/electric format. This powers the 2WD system. It features an ultra-long range of more than 200 miles, making it more lightweight now.

4. Porsche 619

The Porsche 619 by Jackson Zhang is designed to be the automotive giant’s first proper electric motorcycle. It features a unique design, drawing inspiration from Porsche’s DNA while also focusing on a fresh start. The goal was to design something minimal, geometry-driven, and yet quite iconic. It is an eclectic beast with a bold and blockish form factor that is quite comfy to sit on and ride around in.

5. Ayra

Dubbed Ayra, this exciting electric bike has the fascinating DNA of a city bike and a performance racer on steroids. It is designed to be a mean lethal legal machine, featuring an aerodynamically tuned build with a dynamic mono-shock swingarm setup at the back. The front of the bike supports the structural integrity of the bike. It has a lowered stance for a sturdier, more reliable, and durable ride setup.

6. Hydra

Say hello to Hydra – an e-bike designed to make a difference. Hydra uses hydrogen fuel cells, putting forward an alternate and experimental solution in comparison to the lithium-ion battery. The fuel cells don’t have any harmful emissions, and they eliminate toxic battery acids which can harm the environment if they’re not thrown away properly. The only by-products are heat and water, making this bike a zero-emission and sustainable bike.


Meet the WAYRA EV-03 electric cruiser motorcycle which is intended to be a 100 percent no-gimmick concept that will please many riders – whether you’re a cruiser enthusiast, performance lover or an off-roading fanatic. The bike rates high on personality, while respecting the lovely heritage of fat-bikes and cruiser-length bikes. But at the same time, the bike also maintains a minimal and visually attractive modern touch.


Dubbed the GYMO-FIT, this conceptual motorbike maintains the typical urban commuter vibes, while also functioning as a sturdy exercise bike. This bike functions as a two-wheeler, and it isn’t designed to sit in a corner in your home. It is the perfect combination of an electric bike with aerobic and anaerobic fitness equipment. The GYMO-FIT features three different modes to select from, and use.

9. MIMIC E-bike

Called the MIMIC e-bike, this menacing electric bike has a powerful look! It looks like a crouching jungle cat, and it was designed by Roman Dolzhenko. The e-bike features a body that looks like armor, and it features a rounded Tron Light Cycle-inspired form, accompanied by rounded elements, and an overall absence of sharp edges or straight lines.

10. Model M

Dubbed the Model M, this conceptual motorcycle by Jan Slapins features an intriguing bad-boy aesthetic. The bike is a vibrant red color, and it is powered by a 204 PS electric motor. The rider can pick between four different driving modes – Race, Cruise, Standard and Eco. The motor is powered by Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries, and they have been positioned on the lower section of the frame. The bike has no transmission and lightweight carbon fiber wheels, and a mono-shock back.