5 Exciting New Features of the Sonos Roam 2 You’ll Love

Sonos has unveiled the second generation of its smallest portable speaker, the Roam 2, priced at $179. This new model offers several improvements over its predecessor, enhancing usability and simplifying setup. The device can now function as a Bluetooth speaker straight out of the box, removing the need for initial setup through the Sonos app on a home Wi-Fi network. This is facilitated by the addition of a dedicated Bluetooth pairing button on the back, making the pairing process more straightforward than the previous model. Despite these changes, the new speaker retains the compact design and impressive sound quality that made the original a favorite among users.

Designer: Sonos

The battery life has been optimized, offering slightly longer usage time, with up to 10 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. The monochromatic logo design now matches the color of the speaker, available in Olive, Sunset, Wave, Black, and White. Enhanced tactile buttons have been introduced, improving usability based on customer feedback. The speaker retains popular features such as Sound Swap and the ability to share audio from a Bluetooth-compatible source across an entire Sonos system. While the battery is not user-replaceable like the Move and Move 2, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence emphasized that customer feedback has driven the prioritization of tactile buttons and immediate usability. Although the driver layout remains unchanged, Sonos claims that this model delivers rich, detailed sound and bass with the clarity, depth, and fullness expected from a larger speaker. It is also dustproof and fully waterproof, with an IP67 rating, ensuring it can handle various environmental conditions.

One notable change is the removal of Google Assistant support, a result of ongoing legal disputes between Sonos and Google. However, the Roam 2 supports Amazon Alexa and the Sonos Voice assistant, ensuring users still have robust voice control options.

In addition to this latest portable speaker, Sonos has introduced its first-ever pair of headphones, the $449 Ace. According to Sonos, the Ace headphones surpass the AirPods Max in several key areas. Firstly, the Ace headphones offer a longer battery life, providing up to 40 hours of playback compared to the AirPods Max’s 20 hours. This means users can enjoy their music for extended periods without needing to recharge. Secondly, the Ace headphones feature enhanced noise-canceling technology, which Sonos claims offers superior performance in both high and low-frequency ranges, ensuring a more immersive listening experience in various environments. Lastly, the Ace headphones come with a customizable sound profile through the Sonos app, allowing users to fine-tune their audio preferences, a feature not available on the AirPods Max.

Sonos Ace in Black and Soft White

Both new products showcase Sonos’s commitment to expanding its lineup while maintaining high standards of sound quality and design. The Roam 2 is now available for purchase globally, including at Best Buy and sonos.com, in five color options: Olive, Sunset, Wave, Black, and White. Alongside these product launches, Sonos is rolling out updates and bug fixes for the Sonos app, improving features such as Screen reader and VoiceOver and adding the ability to edit alarms, a much-requested feature.

Are you looking forward to summer, spending time next to the pool, beach, or lake, or want to amplify your music or podcast? If so, the Roam 2 might be just what you need, or perhaps it could make the perfect gift for Father’s Day. With enhancements that reflect Sonos’s dedication to providing high-quality audio experiences, this speaker is both user-friendly and versatile. Whether for home use or on-the-go adventures, the new portable speaker is designed to meet diverse listening needs with style and reliability.