Disc-like smart device uses light, vibration to provide alerts for the hearing impaired

Smartphones and smart speakers are pretty useful devices for times when emergencies and disasters are upon us and you need to be alerted to the dangers. But for those who are hearing-impaired, they may not be able to get fast access to information, especially if they’re not looking at their screens. Light flashes and vibrations are the fastest way to catch the attention of these individuals so devices that utilize these features can be helpful to both the hearing-impaired and regular hearing people.

Designers: Kim Myeonjin, Noh Gaeun

Lamptok is a concept for a lighting solution that can be attached to a smartphone or any surface in order to give information to the hearing impaired about a dangerous or important happening. It’s basically a notification medium that uses lighting and vibrations to alert the user to any disaster or emergency. Think of it as a griptok for your phone except its main purpose is not for you to hold your phone properly but to give lighting and vibrating cues for times when it is needed.

The round device can also be adjusted from something that can fit onto your finger to something that can be securely attached to any surface. It can be charged wirelessly, is MagSafe compatible, and has a USB-C port for wired charging. During times of disaster, it can be integrated with alert systems and also has built-in pictograms to help the user quickly understand what’s going on. It also has stronger vibrations than the smartphone so it can also be used as a sort of alarm clock. It is able to detect abnormal sounds as well and will alert the user to it. And it can also alert you to notifications on your phone.

Lamptok can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth so you are able to better control and customize it. The renders show the device in different colors like olive green, black, white, and orange. It is probably also designed to be water proof since there’s a render of it attached to the bathroom tiles for when you’re taking a bath and still need to be aware of what’s happening. This should be useful for hearing impaired people so hopefully this gets turned into an actual product.