3D Printed Chess Set pays respect to the Ukraine invasion with a poignant war-themed design

Unless you are Elon Musk and believe chess is “too simple to be useful in real life,” you know, chess is a strategic and competitive game. It requires meticulous planning and clear objectivity. If you don’t have an objective in mind, your moves will be directionless and you will end up wasting time thinking and moving without purpose. Through the gameplay, it instills cognitive thinking, benefits mental well-being, and can now be a source of thoughtful restoration in the war-torn Ukraine.

Cuibiono, a design-first not-for-profit, has been at the forefront of providing aid to the regions where geopolitical conflicts like war have damaged humanity. With the new chess set, it has conceived using recycled biomaterials (PLA) and 3D printing, the NGO is giving everyone a chance to jump onto their journey of creativity, sustainability, and giving back, helping make a difference and restore homes in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Designer: Cuibiono

The stackable chess set is inspired by the war-torn and displaced Kharkiv, which has been on the receiving end of the Russian invasion. Called the Kindachess – S, this set 3D-printed from naturally degradable bioplastics – features a board segmented to depict the nation under war. It is designed as fractures on the earth’s crust. But when it’s stacked to be stored, the dividing lines on the board form the Ukrainian flag to depict unity and the satisfaction of returning home.

The idea of a chess set whose profit from sales proceeds would go into restoring homes in Kharkiv is the brainchild of designer Liam Hwang of Cuibiono. The compact, stackable chess set is 3D printed sustainably in Hackney, London. It measures 200mm x 200mm when laid out for playing and fits into a case measuring 290mm x 164mm after use.

This is not Cuibiono’s first such sustainably driven product with the idea of giving back. The NGO states, “we are committed to sustainability.” All the products designed in their facilities are crafted with eco-friendly materials (like recycled PLA in the case of the chess set). The chess set, selling in two color contrasts: wheat and sky, ivory and walnut, is now available at £200 (approximately $250). Buy now, and support the cause becoming a part of the community that cares.