Air purifier concept takes a page from SMEG’s retro aesthetics

For those who live in spaces where natural air flow is a “luxury” or in cities where air pollution is a big problem, having an air purifier is a must. Well that is, if you want to breathe in good air and if you’re spending a lot of time there and you don’t want to spend a lot on healthcare expenses. But these kinds of appliances are really more functional and we don’t spend as much time on their design when choosing to buy one. If you can have something that has all the functionalities for an air purifier that you need and it is well designed and can fit in your space’s aesthetics, then that’s a bonus.

Designer: Kaavya Bhosale and Apurva Mokal

This concept for an air purifier for popular home appliance company Smeg fits in with the brand’s distinct retro style. The Airissimo aims to integrate all the most advanced technology in air purifiers into the classic design that all SMEG products have. This includes the familiar pastel colors, ergonomic control knobs, detailed gaps, and the standard stand that balances their appliances. The final renders of the Airissimo concept will definitely fit in with their current line.

But it’s not just the look that the designer thought of, but all the functionalities and features that you need for an air purifier. It has an LED display that will show you the current air quality in your space. Inside you’ll find the electric board, support duct, motor, fan, fan duct and HEPA filter, all the necessary components for this kind of appliance. It uses ABS plastic and aluminum as its main materials. There is an app that you can connect to it to adjust the controls, to monitor air quality, and to also get reminders when you need to replace your filters.

The Airissimo looks like a huge smart hub that you’ll find in your living space or a sophisticated-looking air cooler. Most air purifiers currently in the market look like your usual air-related appliances (aircon, air cooler, humidifier, dehumidifier) so having something like this if SMEG does decide to eventually branch out into this would be pretty cool.