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Kohler Unveils A Faucet So Eye-catching, You Won’t Stop Washing Your Hands

Imagine a faucet that’s not just functional, but a sculptural centerpiece in your bathroom. The Kohler x SR-A Formation 01 aims to do just that. This limited-edition faucet is a collaboration between Kohler, a renowned name in kitchen and bath design, and Dr. Samuel Ross, an innovator known for pushing the boundaries of material science. The form combines the appeal of avant-garde architecture and automotive design, with an edgy single-piece aesthetic that zigzags to defy expectation and the boring archetype of organic forms seen in bathroom design.

Designers: Kohler & SR-A

The Formation 01 stands out with its ultra-modern design. Crafted from Neolast, a groundbreaking material developed by Kohler, the faucet boasts clean lines and a unique, almost organic form. This innovative material allows for a wider range of shapes and colors compared to traditional faucet materials, making the Formation 01 a true conversation starter. The faucet is complemented by an escutcheon plate made from Kohler’s signature cast iron, providing a touch of timeless elegance that grounds the futuristic design.

The faucet’s design allows for precise water delivery even through its sharp angles, thanks to meticulous pressure control. The rocker-style handle adds to the faucet’s modern aesthetic while offering a smooth and intuitive user experience. The faucet comes in a striking “Haptic Orange” hue, a nod to Dr. Ross’s signature color. This unique splash of orange creates a visually captivating element in your bathroom, making a bold statement without appearing ostentatious.

The Kohler x SR-A Formation 01 offers a glimpse into the future of bathroom design (a future that’s different from the one with e-ink toilets as seen at Kohler’s booth this year at CES 2024.) It seamlessly blends innovative materials with cutting-edge engineering to create a product that’s both beautiful and functional. With its limited-edition status and bold design, the Formation 01 is a perfect choice for those who want a bathroom that reflects their unique style and appreciation for truly modern design.

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