Top 10 Intriguing LEGO Masterbuilds To Create At Home Over The Weekend

Building intricate little LEGO structures was one of my favorite hobbies as a kid. I would love sitting and spending hours building the adorable little builds. I’m sure most of us have nostalgic and heartwarming memories associated with LEGO blocks from our childhood, as well as the not-so-heartwarming ones of stepping on them with our feet and feeling an insane amount of pain shoot up our legs. Despite these wonderful childhood memories, LEGO is no longer considered child’s play! Master builders, artists, and LEGO enthusiasts all over the world are creating impressive LEGO builds that’ll blow your minds away. They are a result of their hours of dedication, attention to detail, hard work, and creativity. And we’ve put together some mindblowing LEGO builds that recently took our breath away! From a LEGO T-Rex to a LEGO Popcorn Machine – these LEGO builds are gonna get LEGO lovers drooling over them.

1. LEGO Popcorn Machine

Designed by Dimexart, this Popcorn Machine is built entirely from LEGO. It is reminiscent of the iconic popcorn machines you usually see in movie theaters. It features a glorious retro-style theme and is created using 955 pieces. In fact, even the popcorn is built using LEGO bricks!

2. LEGO Miller’s Planet Scene

LEGO builder Minibrick Productions recreated the iconic Miller’s Planet scene from the Interstellar movie with this tiny LEGO-based recreation that includes the ranger aircraft, astronauts Cooper and Brad, and the shapeshifting robots TARS and CASE. McConaughey and Hathaway come outfitted in their space suits, while TARS and CASE, the two robots feature repositionable arms that enable them to walk like humans.

3. The LEGO® Jurassic World Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull

The LEGO® Jurassic World Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull (76964) is one of the first Jurassic World sets intended for museum-like display. It is a 577-piece set that includes a T. Rex skull with an opening jaw, and a stand to proudly display it. The build also includes an info plaque, an amber piece at the back, and a fossilized footprint.

4. LEGO Snow Globe

LEGO-builder BrickAbe designed a functioning snow globe! However, what makes the snow globe even more special is that it features YouTube’s most well-known fictional character – the anime girl from the LoFi Girl YouTube channel, who is known for her endless streams of beautiful downtempo music.

5. The LEGO Art space poster “The Moon: Earth’s Companion”

The LEGO Art space poster “The Moon: Earth’s Companion” is a celebration of the beauty and glory of the moon and is built using 2360 bricks, it features realistic craters and terrains and is built with an immense amount of attention to detail. The brick-built Moon is a unique fan-made creation that perfectly captures the essence of the moon.

6. LEGO Piranha Plant

Dubbed the Piranha Plant, this LEGO build by Super Mario Landscape is a super cute desk accessory for all the Mario fans and lovers out there. The plant is made using 540 bricks, and stands tall at 9 inches, featuring an adjustable head, positionable leaves, a moveable jaw, and two golden coins that can be dropped into the plant’s pipe.

7. LEGO NIKE Air Jordan 11

LEGO Hungarian builder, Tamás Borján took his love for sneakers to a whole ‘nother level with the NIKE Air Jordan 11 LEGO build. Built using the beloved plastic building blocks, the Jordans feature a unique spin by Tamás. They are a perfect symbol of style and basketball prowess!

8. LEGO Magic Maze

Meet the Magic Maze! This immersive game is a complete treat for LEGO enthusiasts as it provides hours of fun. It basically involves guiding a marble around the challenging playing field. You need to skillfully tilt the seat, and navigate past the treacherous holes and obstacles. It’s a true test of dexterity and strategy, making it a perfect addition to your collection.

9. LEGO Tower Chess

This Tower Chess by Ferbrick1 basically disguises a board game as home decor! The build is cleverly designed and is morphed into a unique castle tower that stores chess pieces in built-in racks. The board also wraps around to form the tower’s brick facade, hiding the entire chess set underneath it.

10. LEGO FedEx Truck

LEGO fan David Clavijo designed FedEx’s iconic truck using LEGO bricks in celebration of FedEx’s 50th anniversary. The company boasts an inspiring workforce of over 500,000 employees, a fleet of 700+ aircraft, and 200,000 vehicles. This unique build pays tribute to the company!