Top 5 LEGO Creations To Perfectly Flaunt Your Exceptional LEGO Building Skills

As a child, I loved sitting and spending hours excruciatingly and lovingly building little LEGO block structures. But, watching my sister bump into them, causing them to fall apart completely was truly heartbreaking. We all have heartwarming memories associated with LEGO blocks from our childhood, as well as the not-so-heartwarming ones of stepping on them with our feet and feeling an insane amount of pain shoot up our legs. Despite these wonderful childhood memories, LEGO is no longer considered child’s play! Master builders, artists, and LEGO enthusiasts all over the world are creating impressive LEGO builds that’ll blow your minds away. They are a result of their hours of dedication, attention to detail, hard work, and creativity. And we’ve put together some mindblowing LEGO builds that recently took our breath away! From a LEGO FedEx truck to the LEGO form of the seven natural wonders of the world – these LEGO builds are gonna get LEGO lovers drooling over them.

1. LEGO “The Moon: Earth’s Companion”

Dubbed the LEGO Art space poster “The Moon: Earth’s Companion”, this unique fan-made creation includes 2360 bricks and is an attempt to celebrate the mystery and beauty of the moon. It features a brick-built Moon with realistic craters and terrains. This fan-made MOC comes with a stunning amount of attention to detail.

2. The Portrait of a Woman in a Hat

Built by LEGO user Mecesoo, this brick-based portrait perfectly captures the essence of Picasso’s stroke by utilizing colorful plastic bricks instead. The painting is made using 1070 bricks without any collisions and no loose bricks. It is almost true in size to the original, making it an excellent replica. It is accompanied by a Minifigure of Picasso, an easel with his canvas on it, and two Picasso quotes with the artist’s signature.

3. LEGO FedEx Truck

FedEx’s 50th anniversary is soon approaching, and it boasts an inspiring workforce of over 500,000 employees, a fleet of 700+ aircraft, and 200,000 vehicles. And to commemorate the massive company, architect and full-time LEGO fan David Clavijo has built FedEx’s iconic truck using LEGO bricks!

4. LEGO Captain America Shield

The LEGO Captain America shield comes in over 3,000 pieces and measures 18.5 inches in diameter. It also has a little Captain America Minifigure to accompany it. Although it isn’t made from vibranium, it looks and feels just like the real deal, but honestly, if you’ve ever stepped on a LEGO brick then you know it’s as tough as vibranium!

5. LEGO Seven Natural Wonders Of The World

Created by LEGO builder “MasterExcellentLizard100”, these tiny dioramas represent the seven natural wonders of the world. A plaque on the front describes each wonder. The interesting collection includes the Grand Canyon and the Paricutin Volcano in North America, the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro in South America, the Victoria Falls in Africa, Mt. Everest in Asia, the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, and the Aurora Borealis lights that can be seen from parts of Europe and the Arctic Circle.