Top 10 Bicycles Designs That Are Comfortable, Convenient & Eco-Friendly For Your Daily Commute

In 2023, living more sustainably and consciously should be a priority for all of us, – whether it’s making changes in our daily lives, consumption, or even our means of transportation. Our typical fossil-fuel-consuming means of transportation need to be replaced by greener and more environment-friendly alternatives, and bicycles are an appealing option! Not only do they curb fuel consumption and reduce automotive emissions, but they’re also a healthy source of exercise for us! I mean, not only do we get to save the Earth from air pollution, but we can also get some intense cardio done. And, we’ve curated a whole range of innovative designs for you that caught our attention. From a “wheel-less” bicycle to a bicycle with triangle wheels – these impressive bicycles will surely convert you to Team Cycles!

1. The Wheelless Bike

US-based YouTuber The Q recently unveiled a mindboggling bicycle with NO wheels! The bicycle doesn’t have wheels, but it is equipped with rotating elements that ensure it moves forward. It features two sets of wheel belts that are mounted at absurd angles to produce extremely attention-gripping silhouettes. The Wheelless Bike works like a tank, with the bike and you being driven forward by the rotating wheel belts.

2. The Moccle

This super fun bicycle with a unique aesthetic is called the Moccle, and it focuses primarily on the enjoyment of riding. The bicycle doesn’t come with gears, a dashboard, or shock absorbers but features a bent-wood frame to achieve shock absorption. The bent plywood frame is held in place using a metal fixture, and the frame flexes in response to pressure, absorbing all stress from undulating surfaces or bad terrain.


Called the IEDEX, this electric bike is an exploration bicycle with ample storage space to hold your camping essentials without being a total eyesore. The e-bike has ad-hoc space to store two luggage bags in the frame itself! The bike skips the down tube courtesy of the unibody design, unlike typical bicycle designs.

4. Gordieiev’s Bicycle with Square Wheels

Sergii Gordieiev designed a bicycle with square wheels! What is really interesting to note is that the wheels on the bicycle don’t actually roll, but instead, the rubber on the conveyor belt-like platform rotates as you hit your foot on the pedal! If you want accurate representation – imagine a war tank moving on its metal tracks without any wheels, only it’s a bicycle, and the wheels are square-shaped!

5. Infinity All-Wheel Drive Bicycle

Stephan Henrich designed an innovative and uniquely shaped bicycle called the Infinity All-Wheel Drive Bicycle. It is one of the most out-of-the-box automotive designs I’ve seen in a while, and it moves forward with the help of a monotyre-clip chain system that creates a temporary rim in the wheel sections as well as a dental belt drive in the interior groove.

6. ADO Air 28

The new ADO Air 28 features a 250W/350W brushless hub motor that delivers the performance boost you need without making its presence heard. The Samsung Battery is disguised as a seat post and delivers an impressive range of up to 100 km in a subtle and stylish design. A smart torque sensor detects your pedaling with precision to determine how much boosting power you need.

7. Nireeka Mega eBike

The Nireeka Mega eBike is powered by the 1500W Bafang Ultra mid-drive with a peak torque of 200nm. The impressive vehicle can take you on speeds of up to 38mph and features a removable 840Wh extended battery that can easily help you reach a range of 51 miles on a single charge.

8. Gordieiev’s Bicycle with Triangle Wheels

Designed by Sergii Gordieiev, this innovative bicycle features triangle-shaped wheels! The ingenious bicycle riding on wheels with rollers moves in a linear manner, forming adjacent lines between each one of the rollers and the flat surface it’s riding on. This enables the triangle wheels to overcome their limitation and roll more comfortably than presumed.

9. Flluid-2 & Flluid-3

FUELL’s newest bikes provide some of the longest ranges in the market as well as comfort, safety, convenience and style.  With a full charge of its 2000W battery, the Flluid-2 can go for up to 225mi (350km), the longest recorded range for e-bikes across the globe. And the Flluid-3 doesn’t fall far behind with a long range of 110 mi (180km)!

10. The ONEBOT-S7

The ONEBOT-S7 utilizes a unique three-fold structure instead of the usual two-step folding design that we’re all familiar with. This makes the e-bike ultra-compact when folded, so it can easily fit into the boot of your car, or slide under your workstation (however and wherever you wish to use it).