This sleek Shower Filter purifies your Tap Water, removing hard chemicals that cause hair loss or skin problems

A simple attachment that sits between your water outlet and shower head, the SHOWR instantly filters hard water, turning it into drinking water. It removes all the minerals and chemicals that otherwise cause skin rashes or acne as well as dandruff, premature greying, and hair fall. The SHOWR fits seamlessly into your shower setup, and can be installed on your own with no professional help or tools. Each SHOWR also comes with a see-through window that lets you see when the built-in shower filter needs replacing, which can be done in a matter of seconds!

Designer: Hojoong Kim

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The reality with water (coming from someone whose city is notorious for its hard water) is that just because it’s clear or odorless doesn’t mean it’s safe to drink, cook with, or bathe with. Hard water can look deceptively clean, but will usually have harsh minerals, dissolved solids, chemicals like chlorine, and other sediments in it – stuff that your eyes would never see. Hard water usually flows right from the tap in most cities, and needs to be filtered if you want to drink or cook with it, or even wash your clothes or bathe. The chemicals in hard water can ruin your clothes, making them fade faster or even reducing the effectiveness of your detergent… so imagine what they do to your skin and hair. Hard water can accelerate hairfall, can cause flakes and dandruff buildup in your scalp, and can prevent your shampoo or soap from lathering up. A lot of people have hard water sensitivity too, causing their skin to dry up or  break out in rashes or acne. That’s where something like SHOWR comes in.

NSF 42 Filters – Compromised of 500 layers of fine mesh fibers, their filter is capable of capturing ultra-fine particles ranging from 1 to 5 micrometers.

From microscopic plastics to harmful pollutants, nothing gets past their filter.

Designed to purify your tap water in real-time, SHOWR uses NSF 42 filters that trap sediments and catch hard chemicals and deposits like chlorine and iron, giving you ‘soft water’ that you can bathe with and drink too. Unlike most shower filters that occupy a significant amount of space and require a plumber to install, SHOWR is a slick, chrome-plated cylindrical entity that fits right between the water outlet and your shower head, barely occupying any space. Water that exits the shower head is forced to pass through the cylinder, which contains the NSF 42 filter. The filter purifies the water as it passes through, and with enough days, begins turning brown to show you all the dirt it’s trapped. When the filter gets dirty enough that you feel the need to replace it, simply pop it out and add a new filter in sort of like replacing batteries in a remote control.

Easy Installation – Just unscrew your showerhead, attach SHOWR and screw your showerhead back on.

Replace your Filter Wtih Ease – Replace the filter within seconds, just like changing a light bulb.

The design of SHOWR has quite a ‘necessity being the mother of invention’ backstory. Hojoong Kim arrived in the USA from South Korea to attend university, only to realize that the tap water in his new home was causing skin dryness and other problems. The reason? A lack of shower filters to reduce the limestone and chlorine in the water. Shower filters were pretty much a standard fitting in all South Korea homes, but weren’t really popular in the west. Kim decided to design his own shower filter, making it integrate well into the wall-mounted showers found in most US homes. The resulting SHOWR comes with a patented design that works in the US as well as worldwide, installing in mere minutes and lasting for decades with periodic filter replacement.

Fits Any and All Showerheads – With the universal connections, it fits any standard shower arm and shower head.

Each SHOWR comes with three NSF 42 filters, which are RoHS-compliant and CE certified by EU’s highest authorities. Once installed, the filter works instantly and purifies any kind of tap water, removing contaminants of all kinds to give you water clean enough to even drink. The clear window on the side also serves as a neat visual indication for when you need to replace the filter, ensuring that your tap water is pristine… because your body absorbs more water in the shower than it does through drinking!

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $70 (44% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!