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A travel trailer that delivers the luxurious comfort of a yacht while keeping your feet on the campground

Did you ever dream of experiencing the luxurious comfort of a yacht, but preferred to keep your feet on solid ground, then the travel trailer may be just the solution for you. With modern amenities and design elements inspired by the elegance and comfort of a yacht, the travel trailer can offer all the luxuries of home while on the road.

So, whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or just a weekend getaway, this travel trailer thriving on the comfort of a yacht can provide a relaxed and convenient way to explore the great outdoors.

Designer: Maria Prokosheva

Travel trailers are becoming increasingly popular among avid travelers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience the freedom and flexibility of a mobile lifestyle, without sacrificing style. According to Maria, despite all the progress effective organization of everyday life is not given much heed in the trailer designs.

With a focus on maximum comfort, Maria turned to a yacht for inspiration, which is a symbol of a comfortable experience, and arrived at the travel trailer that looks like the road legal towable with the comfort and aesthetics of a yacht. Measuring about 8 sqm, the living space of the trailer can accommodate a family or up to four people to travel autonomously for up to five days.

The arrangement within the travel trailer is what makes it even more exciting: the front door on the opposite side of the kitchen allows for an increase in living room space that provides occupants with a separate area in case the kitchen is being utilized. An awning is provided that you can install at the campsite to bask in the sun or chat over a cup of Joe.

The comfortable interiors provide for a dining area that transforms into bed and a plethora of storage sections to keep supplies sorted. The trailer has two interconnected heated tanks, each with a capacity of 80 liters and rooftop solar panels for power needs, which together suffice for up to 5 days of outings for a group of four individuals with prudent usage.

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