LEGO version of Among Us turns the thrilling indie game into a fully detailed brick-based diorama

Designed to mark the breakout murder mystery game’s 5th anniversary, this LEGO Ideas version of Among Us captures the absolute thrill of being a crewmate on board a ship, with a secret imposter lurking around creating havoc for everyone else. Built out by LEGO master builder BrickRealm 101, it features an enlarged diorama with detailed furnishings and custom decals of the most recognizable map from the Among Us universe, the Skeld. The diorama includes popular locations such as the Cafeteria, Storage, Reactor, and many more, accompanied by custom mini-figures (or pets) of the much-loved colorful little Crewmates.

Designer: BrickRealm101

Built out to stunning detail, the entire diorama is made from as many as 2,998 bricks and includes every single prop seen in the game’s visuals. You’ve got all the popular destinations, including the main room with the emergency button that calls for an instant meeting when crewmates want to discuss strategies or cast aspersions on their fellow players to determine who the imposter is. The only things missing are the underground venting system that the imposter can use to move from one room to another, and the bit of outer space that ejected crewmates float through when they’ve been voted out.

The nuclear reactor room with the main reactor

“When I first encountered the game on mobile platforms, I found myself completely immersed in the world and mechanics of Among Us. The controls and rules were simple enough for my friends and me to truly enjoy the gameplay Among Us had to offer,” says the designer, BrickRealm101. “Not only did we have fun playing the role of the Impostor and the Crewmate, but we adored the way you were able to customize a Crewmate of your choice.”

“I felt that this game and the options it offered could translate well into the realm of LEGO, giving the fans of both Among Us and LEGO an opportunity to have fun with their friends while being given the freedom to make their own designs for both the set and the characters as a part of this map,” he adds.

The electrical room where the Imposter goes to manipulate the power supply, and Crewmates go to fix the electrical lines.

Unfortunately, the one thing you can’t do with this diorama is actually play with it. As enticing as it looks and feels, this MOC is purely a hobbyist and collector piece that’s worthy of being put on display, and occasionally roleplaying with… but I do wish there was a way to actually turn it into a board game with the thrilling edge-of-your-seat gameplay.

Close-up of the lower engine in the second engine room

A submission on the LEGO Ideas forum, BrickRealm101’s Among Us: The Skeld MOC (My Own Creation) currently sits with 3,343 votes from the global LEGO community. If it reaches its goal of 10,000 votes, the folks at LEGO will turn it into a retail box set that enthusiasts can buy, build, and cherish. Click here to vote for the Among Us: The Skeld on the LEGO Ideas forum!

Regular Crewmate pieces can be turned into murderous Imposter pieces with a simple swap!