Drool over your favorite superheroes and villains as superbikes in this eye-popping AI-generated series

Most of the superheroes have one thing in common – they have a cool set of wheels that adds to their heroic presence. While we already went bonkers over the AI-generated helmets and footwear, deep down I wished there was a bike that would perfectly match popular superheroes. AI-generated mash-up of cars in the style of famous designers was consolation but I was always longing for more…

This crazy wish has been fulfilled, and in a way more than I could ever envisage. This is an imaginative mock-up of what superhero sports bikes would look like and the results are jaw-dropping. Midjourney AI tool must take most of the credit here, along with the creator’s unique keywords to generate the intended artwork.

Designer: Synergy Art AI

King Cobra, the famous supervillain from the Marvel universe who’s the enemy of Thor, Captain America, Deadpool and the Falcon would appreciate AI for such a cool ride to hop on. There’s the intimidating scaly form done in matte black and gold acescents that matches the character’s mean personality.

Then there’s the Aquaman bike which gets the familiar green hues and bronze inserts of the superhero capable of controlling aquatic lifeforms telepathically in their language.

The super-speedy Flash has superhuman reflexes and is known as the Scarlet Speedster for obvious reasons. To match his physics-defying abilities, the sports bike has a dynamic presence, ready for the ultimate Need for Speed. I guess this one will be the fastest of them, ready to shatter all the salt flats records once and for all.

Another supervillain getting a supercool two-wheeled monster is none other than Bane. “The Man Who Broke the Bat” forcing Bruce Wayne to give up in a fight, gets an equally powerful superbike to celebrate his victory.

Next up on the AI’s list is Firestorm who’s basically a fused entity with extraordinary transmutation powers. The ability of particle manipulation to alter the structure of any substance is adopted in a sports bike with a super fearsome persona. The glossy shades in deep red, gold and black do complete justice to the superheroes’ character.

One of the most famous superheroes of all time, Spiderman gets a matching ride to scout the city filled with thugs and villains. The AI-generated bike has an exoskeleton-like frame to match Spiderman’s creepy yet cool look in matte red and black.

Last but not the least, the AI algorithm gets Iron Man’s larger-than-life presence to perfection. Just imagine Arno Stark (previously Tony Stark) riding this supercool bike in the fictional city of the Marvel world.

If I must pick canny little details missed by the AI, then the handlebars on some of these are designed wrong and most of these rides don’t have footpegs. Somehow it reminds me of the missing fingers of humans generated by AI which are otherwise impressive as hell creations. It would have been great if Flash got an electric sports bike, Bane had a muscle cruiser and Iron Man had a sports tourer to keep things versatile. That said, this artwork is perfect to go up on a superhero fanatic’s Wall of Fame!