LG Equal speaker lets you easily create the mood you want through intuitive EQ

When you want a speaker system that can make the music you’re playing sound better, an equalizer speaker is worth considering. It lets you boost or cut the specific frequency range to balance the sound to your hearing preference.

Generally, we undervalue the power of the equalizer to change the sound according to the music genre and need. Instead, we go the extra mile and buy a new speaker to satiate the requirement for an immersive experience. LG Equal envisioned as academic cooperation in Korean Design Membership with LG Electronics values the undermined essence. Picking it out of the virtual platform places an equalizer on the head of a speaker for everyone to use.

Designer: Yeojun Yun, Beomseock Heo, Yerin Yu and Hyeyoon Jung

The LG Equal – equalizer combined speaker – then becomes a system that you would want to own if you want to make digital music or movie dialogues sound better, delivering much required immersive experience. For the latter, the detachable equal controller can be placed on the compatible soundbar or home audio device as well.

With the benefits of onboard EQ, user can tweak the sound for each content and genre. With the ability to tune intuitive EQ for different genres of content, the Equal speaker can create an audio environment, a user would otherwise want to create by purchasing another speaker.

To ensure a richly immersive environment, Equal (provided in metallic white and charcoal hues) comprises an EQ interaction controller on the speaker – compatible with the controller options – that easily allows user to change sound to mood. User can adjust sound by rotating the ball-like controller to Auto, Effect, Background or Diction modes. The top disc can also be rotated to amplify or reduce the sound pertaining to the content you’re enjoying.