Lisa tiny house takes small living to a ‘spacious’ high if you don’t mind a permit to tow it

Often we confront the difficult question of what size can a tiny house be. Generally, tiny house makers build within 30 feet x 8.5 feet dimensions to ensure their towable homes can ply smoothly in most US states.

MitchCraft Tiny Homes has taken a ‘leap of space’ to build a new tiny house that goes a couple of feet beyond those dimensions. Of course, you get some extra space but you are expected to seek a permit to tow it in the US.

Designer: MitchCraft Tiny Homes

MitchCraft Tiny Homes has been custom-building tiny homes since 2015. Lisa’s 30 x 10 Tiny Home is its latest bespoke creation, which as the name suggests measures 30ft x 10ft.

Besides, Lisa tiny home is a miraculous mini home that takes living tiny to a lux-infused high. With a distinctive exterior (green, wood and stone finish) that beats around the rustic norm, the tiny house has a spacious interior. Those two feet beyond the permitted limit make a lot of space inside for the occupant’s advantage.

On entry, you step first into a living room precisely laid out with a sofa. On the opposite side is a porthole-style window right above an electric fireplace with a tabletop. Despite the petit size, Lisa accommodates two bedrooms: master bedroom is on the ground floor complete with a double bed, work desk and storage. A small ladder on the other side of the tiny house, leads you to the second bedroom in the loft above the bathroom, which opens into a small balcony.

Like a typical tiny house, the ladder to the loft bedroom is packed with additional storage space, while the room itself has a low ceiling and can sleep a couple. The kitchen adjacent to the living room is equipped with a propane-powered four-burner stove, a fridge, and a microwave. It is furnished with a lot of storage cabinets, a pull-out chopping board, and a sink. The bathroom alongside is furnished with a toilet, a shower, and a washer and dryer section. If you don’t mind laboring a little for permits, Lisa should be your SUV’s perfect companion for a weekend getaway.