This futuristic tiny electric RV has been insulated with sheep wool on the inside

If you’re someone who loves to go camping, especially after a long tiring week at work, then the RV ‘Coast’ might just be your next buy! Because nothing is more important than the right RV for all your outdoor adventures. The right RV manages to feel like a home on wheels, allowing you to feel completely cozy and comfortable. And the RV ‘Coast’ ticks off all these checkboxes! Designed by Aero Build, the luxurious and electric RV is meant for those who love an exciting life on the road. It helps you bounce around from one city to another in comfort.

Designer: Aero Build

The Coast’s most fascinating feature is the fact that it’s been completely insulated with sheep wool on the inside. This allows the trailer to stay warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, ensuring that the passengers feel comfortable, and the interiors are well-regulated at all times. Besides being insulated with sheep wool, the RV is powered by renewable energy, with the help of five 1360-watt solar panels on the roof. It has also been equipped with an 810Ah lithium-ion battery bank to power the trailer when it’s on the road. It also includes an electric tongue jack.

The Coast is quite evidently eco-friendly, and the fact that it uses 50% less water in its shower system via its water-saving shower head only adds on to this quality. The toilet has been amped with a dry-flush function, that tackles any issues regarding sewage or blackwater.

“Coast provides a safe and comfortable home all year round, no matter where the road takes you,” says Aero Build. The company also continued to say that comfort should never be a compromise. And the RV Coast was designed based on this premise. The interiors of the RV feature a sitting area that also doubles up as a dining room. This room showcases a wooden table and cushioned benches. The kitchen is placed next to it, and it is equipped with an electric stovetop and all the essential amenities you would expect in a kitchen. The sleeping and the gathering area are separated using a cabinet and a curtain, to impart an element of privacy to the space. The bathroom is located next to the bed, and the sink is adjacent to the fridge, in an attempt to maximize the space available in the RV.