These all-in-one portable wireless chargers can juice your phone, earbuds, and watch, and they’re on sale

Remember the AirPower mat that Apple announced in 2017 but never produced? Well, MOMAX went two steps further and designed TWO wireless chargers that are also portable, allowing you to charge all your devices on the go without worrying about cables, ports, and sockets. The Airbox and Airbox Go remain two of my most highly recommended portable charging solutions. They’re MFI-certified, portable, and can charge at least 3 of your most common EDC tech gear like your phone, earbuds, and watch. The Airbox has a slot for charging your 2nd Gen Apple Pencil too!

Designer: MOMAX


The Airbox and Airbox Go cater to two niches within the same category, but I could totally see them having different audiences. The former is roughly the size of a spectacle case, and opens up to reveal storage spots and charging zones for your phone, Apple Watch, AirPods (2nd Gen), and Apple Pencil (2nd Gen). The charging zone for your phone comes with a neat non-slip mat, and the coil underneath supplies your smartphone with 10W of power, fast-charging it so you can make the most of your day instead of leaving your phone on a charger. The Airbox works as a case more than just a charger, letting you easily carry your tech around with you in a single cohesive unit that’s easy to slide right into your laptop bag while shuttling between work and home, and placing on your desk as you work. The foldable 5-in-1 charging station also comes with a 20W USB-C port that lets you plug other devices like your Nintendo Switch, iPad, headphones, or any other gadget that doesn’t charge wirelessly, and a whopping 10,000mAh battery provides more than enough juice for all your devices through the day and even beyond.

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Airbox Go

The Airbox Go is smaller but still manages to pack a big punch with its internal 10,000mAh battery. It doesn’t store your gear like its predecessor, apart from a flip-top lid that lets you stash your AirPods inside it. It does make uo for it in other ways, notably by also including a MagSafe feature that lets you snap your iPhone to it to charge it while at your desk or on the go. There’s a flip-out Apple Watch charger that lets you charge it with the straps on (unlike the Airbox that would only allow you to charge your Watch after removing the straps), providing a 5W output for your watch, while the MagSafe phone charging zone supplies an upgraded 15W of power. The Airbox Go sports a USB-C on the side too, allowing you to juice other devices with a 20W output so you can simultaneously fast-charge up to two smartphones at once.

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The Airbox and Airbox Go notably offer something even Apple couldn’t – the ability to charge all your devices simultaneously with one single gadget. While Apple couldn’t deliver on the AirPower mat, they did give both the Airbox and Airbox Go their MFI (Made for iPhone) certification, which means you can rest assured that Momax used the best quality parts and components for their offerings. The Airbox Go gets an extra win in my book for its unique design that feels futuristic yet somewhat playful, with its liberal use of curves, textures, and metallic/glossy finishes. Both the Airbox and Airbox Go are on sale now, with discounts up to 36%. The sale lasts till January 15th, so grab the deal while it’s still hot!