This sleek, wireless connected Electrolux HumiTex ensures your garments stay dry for longer

Mildew and mold are the biggest enemies of your clothes in the wardrobe, particularly the ones stored away for a long time. Only when you take them out after a season (to the horrors) unwanted build-ups and smells plague your favorite clothes.

This can be utterly irritating, leaving you with a pile of clothes to wash again. Not only that, daily wear can also have such build-ups causing skin irritation and rashes to those with sensitive skin. The students at the Umeå Institute of Design recognised these concerns, creating a solution that is not only minimal but looks sleek as it fits comfortably in your closet.

Designer: Designer: Ellis Walker, Mattias Nordin, Jinying Cheng, and Thilo Maximilian Fiebig for Electrolux

Sure, most of you opt for dehumidifying bags for the closet to keep garments dry. Electrolux acknowledges this and wants to give us a more sustainable option having better aesthetics and function. Dubbed HumiTex, this dehumidifier keeps unwanted humidity and smelling clothes at bay. The modern appliance circulates air inside the closet keeping everything in balance so that there are no unwanted developments. The slim dehumidifier hangs in the closet and the connected function keeps the user informed whenever it needs to be emptied.

The smart appliance comes with a water container that can be easily removed, and also has a pour spout to eliminate any chances of spillage. Electrolux has made the unit to be completely powered wirelessly or via a hidden cable that runs along the railing on the back side of HumiTex. As far as function, the appliance has radiator fins that cool the air to trigger condensation. The humid air (if any) is drawn from the top side and the condensed water drips into the collection tray.

HumiTex is designed as a consortium of other product ideas for smart homes of the future in collaboration with the Umeå Institute of Design (UID). The ideas revolve around singletons who believe in a micro-home lifestyle. This appliance in particular is designed keeping in mind space-conscious people living in four major cities – New York, Hong Kong, Munich and Mumbai. It took the team around four weeks to design the product.