This graphene blanket keeps your body at the perfect temperature for the perfect sleep

It’s easy to take sleep for granted for the sake of productivity, at least until we come to the rather painful realization that sleep is actually critical for that very purpose. Getting a good night’s sleep, or any kind of sleep at all, sounds trivial, but there are many factors that can actually keep us from getting a well-deserved and restful slumber. One of the biggest factors is actually your body temperature, which can be too high or too low for ideal sleeping conditions. Blankets might be fine for cold nights, but they’ll make you even more uncomfortable during warmer seasons. Wouldn’t it be grand if you could have a single blanket for both occasions? That’s exactly what this innovative blanket promises, providing you with a smarter and more comfortable way to sleep so that you will have the energy you need to face the day anew.

Designer: HILU Team

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HILU graphene-made blanket adjusts to your body temperature so you can sleep all night comfortably, regardless the season.

Our bodies need to be in a certain state to be able to truly sleep well, which is easier said than done. Memory foam pillows and advanced mattresses can only do so much in supporting a proper sleeping posture, but all those are for naught if your body is too cold or too hot. People typically use blankets to keep warm on cold nights but have fewer solutions for warmer ones. Additionally, not all blankets are comfortable in the first place, especially for people with more sensitive skin.

HILU is an innovative blanket that harnesses the power of a material famed for its temperature-regulating capabilities: graphene. By turning graphite into graphene fibers through wet spinning and then weaving these fibers into a whole blanket using Adaptex Technology, HILU is able to keep your body temperature at its best, regardless of the room’s temperature. It cools your body down when it’s too hot or keeps you warm when it’s too cold, paving the way for a perfect trip to dreamland.

Made of genuine graphene fibers, HILU blankets are the strongest and most durable in the market.

Thanks to those graphene fibers, HILU blankets are able to provide all-year-round comfort in bed. When you’re cold, the fibers absorb that coldness and let warm air out to keep you toasty. When you’re hot, on the other hand, it absorbs your body heat and dissipates it within the fiber, preventing the build-up of humidity, and keeping you dry and sweat-free all night long. It’s the perfect snuggle partner for anyone who just wants a comfy body temperature, including some of your furry friends at home.

HILU’s superpower doesn’t stop there, though. It’s gentle on the skin and has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that keep you comfortable and safe at the same time. And when it does get dirty, all you need is to wash it on gentle with cold water and then let it line dry or tumble dry on low. You won’t have to worry about being too rough with it either since the genuine graphene fibers create a fabric that’s almost as strong as steel.

Get that rejuvenating sleep you so rightly deserve with a blanket that adjusts to your body, not the other way around. For only $175, you can get a queen-size HILU blanket that will put your body temperature in that perfect state for sleeping, making those restless nights feel like a fading dream.

Click Here to Buy Now: $175 $300 ($125 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $370,000.