Award-winning bedside clock has a built-in pill dispenser that reminds you to regularly take your medicines

Snagging the coveted Red Dot Design Concept Award in the Best of Best category, the +CLOCK is an automatic pill organizer and dispenser that functions like a clock but distributes pills at the time set by the user. “It is intended to establish a routine for the user to take the medication on a regular basis”, says designer Ju Chan Ho. “When it is time to take medication, +CLOCK plays an alarm that the user has set and distributes the pills to the tray.”

The +CLOCK isn’t merely a clock. It’s more of a habit-building device that also happens to tell the time, hence the name +CLOCK for the fact that it’s also a clock. The gizmo sits on any bedside table and comes with an appearance comparable to the Tmall Genie Queen smart mirror. Underneath its large clock face sits a carousel featuring 28 slots for daily meds. You can input medicines based on days or the time of the day, with the ability to fill up to 28 slots. This effectively means the +CLOCK lets you schedule up to 28 days of medicines or a week of medicines if taken 4 times a day, giving caretakers enough time to refill the next lot once the pills have been dispensed. When it’s time to take your meds, the +CLOCK alerts you with an alarm that dispenses the pills when you snooze it, helping you build a habit to take your medicines!

The +CLOCK is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.

Designer: Ju Chan Ho